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SEAI grants are available to homeowners and business’s to help reduce energy costs and lower their green house emissions.

Solar Electricity Grant

Turn your home into a renewable power station! SEAI are now offering a grant for Solar Photovoltaic panels to generate electricity for homeowners.


Electric Vehicle Home Charger Grant

Claim up to €600 towards the purchase and installation of an electric vehicle home charging unit


Why Choose GOSOLAR?

As a registered SEAI PV Solar installation firm, with over 10 years of experience in the field, our team have the expertise and experience to provide you with the best advice and service available.

  1.  We provide the best price, and service available.
  2. Will answer any questions or queries you may have at any time.
  3. We are trained to the highest of standards in this sector.
  4. Gosolar only use high end reputable products that are available on the solar market for our customers.

Our installation and customer service team are trained to the highest standards in the solar power sector. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the highest professional standard of after care and support.

All of the above combined is why we here at GoSolar receive so many positive reviews and referrals from customers. Take a look at our customer reviews.



Step 1:

Congrats! You have decided to make an investment for the future and have contacted our office to book an appointment with our team of expert engineers. Our efficient office team will answer any of your questions, and inform the highly skilled engineers of what your system will do! It’s as simple and easy as that! No hassle and no issue whatsoever as we understand your needs.

Step 2:

One of our engineers will either visit you in person or organise a virtual site survey in order to provide a bespoke solution to fit your needs. Once this solution has been created, you will receive a competitive quotation from our team! To ease the strain on your wallet, there is an SEAI grant of up to 2400 euro available right now which our team will guide you through the application process.

Step 3:

Once a contract to complete the job has been signed, our office team will schedule a day for your installation to happen. On installation day, our team of expert engineers will come out to your property to install your bespoke system, in order to give your household the ability to harness the power of the sun!

Step 4:

With your new Solar PV panel system, your household’s carbon emissions are reduced significantly due to a significant portion of your electricity needs being met by your own power generator, courtesy of the epic power of the Sun. You’re saving money on bills, and saving the planet at the same time, what’s not to like?

Step 5:

On average, a Solar PV panel system can last for up to 35 years with very little maintenance aside from the occasional spring cleaning. This means you are able to enjoy your investment from the comfort of your couch with little to no hassle, for years to come. So why wait? Call us now.

Generating Free Electricity

Installing a Solar PV system means that you are generating free electricity for your home and therefore lowering your utility bills ongoing

Heating of Your Water

You will also be able to heat your water with any excess electricity that has been generated from your Solar PV panels

Reduce your emissions

Generating your own renewable electricity also has benefits for our environment. The energy you consume will be clean energy which cuts down on your greenhouse gas emissions.

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