Renewable Energy Grant for Farms

 “TAMS 3”


The Targeted Agriculture Modernisation Schemes (TAMS) have evolved to empower farmers across Ireland to embrace renewable energy sources. In February 2023, Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue announced the latest TAMS project, TAMS 3, which includes a significant initiative: grants for the installation of solar panels and batteries.

All of the electricity generated from the installation of Solar PV on farms must be used for agricultural purposes. gives further information of the eligible items and their associated costs.

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The TAMS 3 Solar Panel and Battery Grant

Grant Amount

Farmers can receive financial aid for installations costing up to €90,000. This cap is in place to ensure that a wide range of farms, from small-scale operations to larger agricultural enterprises, can benefit from the grant.

Grant Rate

Eligible farmers can access grant support at a rate of 40% of the total cost incurred. This means that for every €100 spent on the installation of solar panels and batteries, the grant will provide €40 in financial assistance.

Significant Savings

This generous grant rate ensures that farmers can make substantial cost savings when transitioning to solar energy. It significantly reduces the financial burden associated with adopting renewable energy sources and encourages more farmers to embrace sustainable practices.

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