Commercial Solar Grant

Funding of between 30% – 50% is now available for businesses to make the change to renewable energy.

Commercial Solar Panels

Harness the power of the sun and take significant steps towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Solar PV for Commercial Buildings

Solar panels can significantly reduce or even eliminate your commercial building’s electricity bills. By generating your own clean energy from the sun, you can offset a substantial portion of your energy consumption from the grid, resulting in long-term cost savings on utility bills.

Commercial Solar Grants

There are various government grants and incentives available for business owners to install Solar PV Systems:

Non- Domestic Microgen Grant

NDMG aids business and organisations with the purchase and installation of their own PV System. This grant is administered by the SEAI, and the allowance given is based on the output of your system. Grants are available for systems up to a maximum 6kWp with grants of up €2100 available.

Feed IN Tarriff In Place

Since July 2022, Irish homeowners have been eligible to sell their surplus solar electricity to the grid. Prices for exported electricity are negotiated between electricity suppliers and consumers. So it’s important to shop around for the highest value. Selling surplus solar electricity to the grid is simple. All you need are solar panels and a suitable contract with an electricity supplier, and a smart meter (usually).

Enhanced supports for businesses through NDMG Solar PV Scheme

  • New funding ranges from €2,700 to €162,600 to support an even wider range of businesses to switch to solar
  • This will typically support 20-30% of the investment cost, reducing payback to as little as 5 years
  • New Solar PV Scheme enhancements will boost business investment in renewable energy generation

The amended scheme will be available to businesses through SEAI from mid July 2023.

The updated grants will be as follows:

Up to 6kWp will remain unchanged up to €2,400, with an additional:

  • €300/kWp for each extra kWp installed between 7kWp -20kWp;
  • €200/kWp for each extra kWp installed between 21kWp- 200kWp;
  • €150/kWp for each extra kWp installed between 201kWp-1000kWp.

This would mean that installations up to 1MW could be eligible for a grant of up to €162,600.

Benefits of Renewable Energy

There are many benefits to using renewable energy sources such as solar panels, for example:

Generate Free Electricity

Solar panels generate electricity from sunlight, which is an abundant and renewable resource.

Reduce Emissions

By harnessing solar power, you can reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and contribute to a cleaner and greener energy system.

Cost Savings

Once installed, solar panels generate electricity for free, reducing your dependence on electricity from the grid.

Enhance Company Image

Enhance your brand image and show your customers your commitment to helping reduce emissions and fight the global emergency of climate change

Planning Permission Exemptions

Exemtions for commercial and light industrial solar pv panel installations.  The exemption is up to 50 m2 of panels. That will create the equivalent of up 4000eur of electricity per year.

Solar PV Installation With Go Solar

Solar PV Market Leaders

As Irelands leading Solar PV Installers we have gained a wealth of experience in the solar energies industry  having been installing Solar PV systems for the last 10 years.

No Subcontractors

We guarantee that we only use in house trained employees and qualified electricians to the highest standards to carry out our solar pv installations.   We never cut corners to save on costs and will always install properly first time around.

Tier 1 Panels & Inverters

All our solar pv panels and inverters have the best performance in the industry . Our technical director inspections on shipments of equipment that is designed to meet Irish conditions.

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Sean Moriarty Transport Ltd is extremely satisfied with the service and pricing offered by Go Solar. The team displayed a high level of professionalism throughout the process, ensuring that every aspect was thoroughly explained to us right from the beginning. This transparency allowed us to have a clear understanding of the services that would be provided and set realistic expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend Go Solar to anyone considering solar panel installations for their business. Their expertise and commitment make them an excellent choice in this field.

Sean Moriarty

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